TattooStar Effect

Dermablate Effect

Tattoos and Permanent Make-up

For many years now Q-switched lasers with various wavelengths have been used toremove tattoos. Compared to other methods this treatment has the benefit that risk of scar formation is very low. For a short time the Q-swithed lasers are use forremoval of permanent make-up, too. As the high-energy laser pulses of these devices are only a number of nanoseconds long, they are absorbed by the pigment particles selectively without causing any coincident thermal damage to tissue. The ink particles are fragmented by the laser irradiation; the fragments are then reabsorbed by phagocytosis.

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Tehničke karakteristike

  • Zemlja porijekla: EU, Njemačka
  • Valna duljina: 532 and 1064 nm (Nd:YAG laser) i  694 nm (Ruby laser)
  • Snaga lasera: do 50W
  • Radni mod: 
  • Vrijeme trajanja pulsa: 
  • Display: u boji s dodirnim ekranom (color touch screen display)
  • Dodatna oprema: 
  • Klasa lasera: 4


pdf-icon--kopija-50T A T T O O   S T A R   E F F E C T:  N O V A  D E F I N I C I J A   L J E P O T E

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